How Does SEO Work?

Dwelling in an era with advanced technologies, it has become quite easy for people to earn online. Promoting businesses through online firms is a trend. Besides, individuals prefer searching on the internet rather than asking any individual about some business or service. So, the question arises how do people get your service above all the other services in their search engine?

To excel in this task, the most considered way is SEO that stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you are wondering how it works to improve the ranking of your website you should read this article till the end.

On-Page SEO

The On-Page SEO involves content optimization for marketing, keywords, key phrases, page speed, and images. 

Content Marketing

Before diving into other factors of on-page SEO, the most important is content marketing. Content marketing helps in developing good relationships with visitors and attracts search engines. The quality and relevant material either written or visual emphasize search engines rank you above the other web pages. Also, it engages the visitors to spend more time on your website.

Keywords And Phrases

The On-page SEO assures that you put in an appropriate pair of keywords and phrases. So, it would help the page get a higher ranking. However, the page owner should be aware of what phrases and words a researcher uses.

Additionally, the meta description should contain at least one keyword. It helps search engines and visitors to know more about the information your page holds.

Presentation and Images

Presentation means the way you display the content. Adding images with keywords to the page makes it appealing. Furthermore, it would display the content on the search engine even if an individual searches for an image. Besides, presenting the content with appropriate titles and subheadings would draw attention and keep it easier to understand.

Off-Page SEO

The Off-page SEO elements like social signals, trust, and links can highly affect the ranking. They help a business look like a real business and generate traffic on your site.  

The Effective Elements

The social signals are the likes and shares. If you want to boost SEO, you should get a good number of shares from the influencers. Coming towards the links means improving the off-page SEO with backlinks. Opting for this way is risky as search engines can ban your page for spamming sites with links.

Besides, Google’s ranking demands improving a trust relationship with the visitor. So, it would require backlinks from authorized sites. As visitors would trust your site, the search engines will trust as well improving the rank.

However, these elements are not in direct control. The page owners can hope for it to turn in their favor.


After knowing how SEO works, you can boost your website’s ranking by improving the above-mentioned factors. You can practice SEO to work it most for your page. Besides, you should keep in your mind that this optimization is not magic. Good things take time and so will this.

Moreover, the main focus of the website owner should be on the material that the site offers. It should be attractive, engaging, and of good quality. Also, you should know if the information your page offers is valuable and relevant for the targeted audience. It would maintain a good image for the search engines as they scan different websites to deliver the best results to the researchers.

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Hammad Qureshi

Hammad Qureshi

I am an entrepreneur loved to write.


Hammad Qureshi

I am an entrepreneur loved to write.

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