Combating Covid-19 Through AI

During the past decades, individuals witnessed many diseases. This decade came up with a new one introducing as Covid-19. It started back in Wuhan city of China. At that time, no one knew exactly what disease it was. Later, Artificial Intelligence came up with its name informing that it is an upgraded version of SARS.

So, by the means of data and analysis, AI can help a lot to fight the novel disease Coronavirus. Hitherto, it has helped much. To know about it, and also how it can help more, you should read this article further.

Understanding The Virus

The first step to prevent the virus from spreading is by knowing about its origin. The information that AI provided about how Covid began to spread has made everyone aware of it. Scientists and researchers have uncovered much about it by using the text and data mining tools of AI.

Predicting The Treatments

Sources update that researchers can use the deep learning models to predict the new drugs of the previous ones for the treatment of Coronavirus that might work. Moreover, many institutions are working to identify the treatments and develop vaccines through AI.

Data Sharing

People around the globe are using AI to raise awareness about the new symptoms and combating Covid-19. Also, the researchers who find anything new can spread the message to doctors and other frontline workers like research labs. However, the credit of such a facility goes to artificial intelligence. As researchers can share information even miles apart.

The Tracing Apps

During the pandemic, artificial intelligence helped to develop apps that would trace the covid patients. That made it easier for people to know about the covid cases in neighboring cities and countries too. Thus, individuals can use artificial intelligence to provide information extracted from all sorts of social networks.

Contact Tracing And Monitoring

Possessing the facility of artificial intelligence, scientists can produce special software and devices like watches, cameras, and mobile phones. These devices would monitor the activities of Covid patients or people who suspect Covid symptoms.

However, many AI tools are being used in clinics to monitor the health of Covid patients. They help in predicting the treatment keeping into account the data. So, it can also help with the decision-making of individuals in intensive care units either to put them on ventilators or not.

Virtual Assistants And Chatbots

Many countries have facilitated their citizens with self-checker service. It helps individuals with suspected symptoms by communicating with them. As doctors advise them not to go for testing on suspicion of one or two symptoms. Thus, using such a service acquires historical information of an individual and helps regarding that.


In a nutshell, people have been using artificial intelligence a lot to combat the coronavirus. The outcome has been quite good. Moreover, sources predict that if researchers use it more wisely, it may help with the treatment as well.

Hitherto, the contact tracing policy of AI has helped in diverse ways. From spreading awareness to preventing more cases. As data has been coming from all over the globe through AI. Scientists predict that soon individuals would be successful in combating coronavirus as artificial intelligence is taking into account all the old and new data regarding the disease for the treatment.

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Hammad Qureshi

Hammad Qureshi

I am an entrepreneur loved to write.


Hammad Qureshi

I am an entrepreneur loved to write.

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