DJM Securities


Our client DJM Securities, is behind this innovative idea of bringing the stock market to user’s screens while giving them access to real-time data and figures to make well-informed decisions.


UI/UX, Back-End, Front-End Graphic Design


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DJM Securities is a digitalized platform offering specialized financial services to private and institutional clients, irrespective of locality. They provide personalized financial solutions to users in the international and local equity markets. DJM Securities provides users with an incisive and well-researched analysis and tools to help them make value-based stock decisions.

The Gap

DJM Securities came to us with a relatively ineffective platform with a rather poor static platform that significantly hinders the effectiveness and efficiency of the business to serve customers. Another limitation faced by DJM Securities was the absence of a content management system (CMS), making it complex and time-consuming for the company to manage content updates on the website. Also, since no CMS was developed earlier, the company could not offer users real-time access to their account portfolio.

DJM Securities also lacked a dynamic database, which can be shared with their customers. While the company did maintains a secure Oracle database for the clients, as the parent database, it was not possible to share it with the users or other companies due to privacy and security concerns. They needed a processed public database to ensure privacy and protection of sensitive business information in case of any security breach.

Lastly, DJM Securities was looking for an integrated SMS system to engage clients more closely, which can instantly shoot SMS campaigns to targeted groups with relevant information.

To sum it all, DJM Securities wanted something that streamlines the user experience, provides clients with quick access to their account portfolios, and offers relevant data and regular reports.

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The Solutions

Keeping in mind the gaps mentioned in the platform, we made improvements in four different aspects. To begin with, we revamped the website design to make it edgier, industry-specific, and user-centric. The website design was updated to enhance the overall appearance, functionality, and user experience.

Secondly, we were able to develop a highly intuitive and interactive CMS solution for users and admins. The CMS system enables defining user roles, making it easier for the company to filter admin and users with different levels of security. With our new content management system (CMS), DJM Securities was able to get control of content management without any outside support. The intuitive CMS ensures that the admins can update, add, remove any page or content from the website in no time. This saves crucial time for the company and saves them money, which otherwise was needed to hire professional content management services (CMS) support.

Apart from Admin logins, the CMS also handles the user profiles. DJM Securities was able to assign their clients dedicated accounts, which they can use to access their account portfolio. This increases the transparency of the business activities and dramatically improves the branding for the company.

To tackle the need for a public database, we decided to develop a separate public database for processed data. The public database was dynamically integrated with the central Oracle Database of the company. The public database was able to squeeze relevant processed information in real-time from the central database. This greatly enhances business operations’ efficiency while also ensuring that crucial business data remains protected and private.

Lastly, we developed an SMS portal that provides users with stocks-related information through SMS. Two different SMS templates were created to make it even more effective; one for the clients and another for the visitors (for marketing purposes). The SMS templates were able to dynamically retrieve data from the Public Database that was subsequently integrated with the Main Database. Thereby, we were able to automate the entire business processes and operations for greater efficiency and productivity. The developed system enables DJM Securities to define specific user groups for better targeting. Also, admins can use any SMS template to retrieve all relevant information from the database automatically. Lastly, we developed a masking feature for the client, whereby the SMS from the company were delivered from “Company Name” rather than “Number.”

Our Challenges

We witnessed various challenges while revamping the platform and integrating new solutions, inclusive of:

  • Developing a non-contravening database for the public users to ensure the protection of the sensitive data
  • Integrating new technologies for optimizing the user experience and user segmentation filter for sending personalized SMS
  • Creating different portals on the same page for admins and users

The Outcome

With the new design and advanced systems integrated, DJM witnessed massive improvement in the platform’s functionality and an increased influx of users because of its convenient design, transparency, and users-focused business model. At Ardent, we invested our resources and time to design the result-driven and user-centric platforms. As a result, DJM Securities became the ultimate platform for managing Pakistani stocks. We received positive feedback from clients, who subsequently received high customer satisfaction for their new system.