Crypto currency Trading Platform

Crypto currency Trading Platform


The client is one of the leading global financial companies. Now the company wants to provide its clientele with a stable and interactive cryptocurrency trading platform, where they can quickly learn and trade digital assets.


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February 22th, 2020

The client came to us with a proposal to develop a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading platform with advanced features and functionalities to outperform competitors. Crypto trading has sequentially gained much popularity since 2014 and today represents a billion-dollar market. However, the fragmented nature of the market makes it harder for users to efficiently utilize all crypto assets through one platform. The client’s idea was to develop a unified crypto exchange as a single trading terminal for users.

The client was looking for a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading platform for the B2C market. Since cryptocurrency is quickly getting a highly competitive market, the client needed to gain the first-mover advantage and wanted the app to be developed within a short deadline.

The client wanted to have an advanced trading terminal that outperforms competitor platforms to gain a competitive advantage in the market. However, to be able to develop such a progressive platform, the client required professional development and brokerage support. Also, bringing together highly fragmented cryptocurrency capital markets under a single trading terminal was a significant challenge that had to be overcome.

Some of the other crucial project challenges included developing the crypto prediction module, the news module, and integrating Twitter trends within the platform.

Given the complexity of the project, the client required a reliable and expert technology partner with proven expertise in the development of complex software solutions while also having the experience of developing software solutions for both financial markets as well as an understanding of cryptocurrencies.